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Expertise Shaped by Experience

Ari is a really honest and straight attorney. This is important when dealing with legal issues. He will always be reviewing my documents and I will continue to send my clients to Ari for his professional help!
Dr. Joshua M. Henk
Your thorough and strategic approach instilled confidence in me, and I believe that even if the case had proceeded to trial, we would have had a strong foundation to mount a robust defense. Your dedication and skill as my attorney have been invaluable, and I am truly thankful for the positive resolution achieved.
Jianang Li

Ari W. Lehman’s legal career is marked by a diverse and dynamic trajectory, culminating in his current role as the principal attorney at Lehman Law PLLC.

His journey in the legal field is distinguished by a wide array of practice areas, each reflecting his versatile expertise and depth of knowledge.

Contracts and Civil Litigation: Ari has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in handling complex contractual disputes and civil litigation matters. His approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies of contract law. This expertise extends to resolving disputes for both individuals and businesses, ensuring that their legal rights and interests are fiercely protected.

Family Law: In the realm of family law, Ari has shown a profound commitment to delivering empathetic yet effective legal solutions. His experience spans across sensitive areas such as divorce, child custody, and support. He excels in navigating these challenging issues with a focus on amicable resolutions that safeguard the interests of all parties, particularly the children involved.

Criminal Defense: Ari’s background as a former prosecutor has equipped him with unique insights into the criminal justice system, making him an invaluable ally in criminal defense cases. His areas of expertise include defending clients against charges of driving while intoxicated (DUI), traffic violations, and minor in possession (MIP) allegations. Ari’s strategic approach in these cases is aimed at minimizing the impact on his clients’ lives, striving for outcomes that balance legal consequences with personal rehabilitation.

Specialized Legal Areas: Ari’s legal acumen extends to specialized fields such as lemon law, antitrust, business law, and non-competition clauses. His broad experience in these areas underscores his capability to handle complex legal challenges, advocating tirelessly for his clients’ rights.

Empathetic and Effective Solutions for Family Matters

At Ari Lehman, PLLC, we understand that family legal issues are among the most sensitive and complex challenges one can face. That’s why we approach every case with a blend of empathy and effectiveness, ensuring our clients feel supported and confident in our ability to represent their interests. Our family law practice covers a wide range of services, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients while striving for the best possible outcomes.

At Ari Lehman, PLLC, our expertise in family law is matched only by our dedication to our clients’ needs. We understand the emotional and legal intricacies involved in these matters and are committed to providing the guidance and representation necessary to navigate these complex waters.

Navigating the intricacies of divorce and separation can be overwhelming. We provide clear, compassionate guidance through every step, from filing to final decree, ensuring your rights and interests are protected. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition, minimizing conflict and focusing on fair resolution.

In matters of child custody and support, the child’s wellbeing is paramount. We advocate for arrangements that reflect the best interests of the children while respecting the rights of parents. Whether negotiating custody agreements or determining support, our approach is both thoughtful and assertive.

Facing domestic violence is an ordeal no one should go through alone. We offer robust legal support to victims, helping them obtain restraining orders and navigate the legal system with dignity and safety. Our firm stands as a pillar of strength, providing a secure path to protection and peace.

Whether you’re entering into a marriage or a civil union, understanding your legal rights and obligations is crucial. We provide expert legal advice to ensure your union starts on solid legal ground, addressing everything from prenuptial agreements to legal implications in the event of dissolution.

The division of property and assets in family law cases requires a careful, equitable approach. We combine our deep understanding of property law with a commitment to fair outcomes, ensuring assets are divided in a manner that is just and considerate of all parties involved.

Expertly Handling Diverse Civil Litigation Cases

At Ari Lehman, PLLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle a wide range of civil litigation cases with expert precision and unwavering dedication. Our team is committed to guiding our clients through the complexities of the legal system, ensuring their rights are robustly protected and their voices heard.

In every civil litigation case, we take on at Ari Lehman, PLLC, our approach is tailored to the unique circumstances of the case. We combine thorough legal research, strategic planning, and aggressive advocacy to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Our goal is not just to win cases, but to achieve resolutions that truly serve the best interests of our clients, whether that means negotiating a settlement or taking a case to trial.

Trust in Ari Lehman, PLLC, to handle your civil litigation needs with the expertise, dedication, and personalized attention you deserve.


 Contracts are the backbone of business operations, and disputes can be both complex and disruptive. We specialize in resolving such disputes efficiently, whether through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation, always with our client’s best interest at the forefront.

Business disputes require a strategic approach balancing legal acumen with business sensibility. From partnership disagreements to corporate governance issues, we bring a depth of experience and a pragmatic approach to every case.

When accidents happen, we are here to ensure that you are justly compensated. We handle personal injury claims with sensitivity and tenacity, fighting for the rightful compensation our clients deserve for their losses and suffering.

Navigating the complexities of employment law requires both legal expertise and an understanding of workplace dynamics. We represent clients in cases of wrongful termination, discrimination, and other employment issues, always aiming for resolutions that uphold justice and fairness.

Real estate disputes demand not only legal expertise but also an understanding of the real estate market. Our team is well-equipped to handle property disputes, landlord-tenant conflicts, and other real estate litigation matters with a focus on achieving resolutions that respect our clients’ property rights and investments.

We stand up for consumers’ rights in the face of unfair business practices, deceptive advertising, and defective products. Our firm is committed to holding companies accountable and securing justice for consumers impacted by such issues.

Robust Defense from a Former Prosecutor

At Ari Lehman, PLLC, our criminal defense strategy is uniquely informed by Ari Lehman’s valuable experience as a former prosecutor. This insight gives our clients a significant advantage, as we understand both sides of the legal system. We specialize in turning this knowledge into powerful defense strategies, ensuring that every client receives a robust and comprehensive defense, no matter the complexity of their case.

Our commitment at Ari Lehman, PLLC, is to stand by your side, offering not just legal representation, but a partner who understands the intricacies of the criminal justice system. With Ari Lehman’s background as a former prosecutor, we are uniquely positioned to provide defense strategies that are both insightful and effective, ensuring the best possible defense for our clients.

Facing DUI or traffic charges can be daunting, with potential consequences affecting your driving privileges and legal record. We provide assertive defense strategies, aiming to reduce charges or seek acquittals, while always prioritizing your rights and future.

Drug-related allegations require a nuanced defense approach. We handle cases ranging from simple possession to more severe trafficking charges, focusing on minimizing penalties and safeguarding your liberties with a thorough understanding of drug laws.

White-collar criminal defense demands sophisticated legal expertise. Our firm offers a meticulous defense for clients accused of fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes, ensuring that every angle is explored to protect your reputation and freedom.

Charges of assault and battery are serious and require a strong legal defense. We approach these cases with a focus on examining the evidence, challenging the prosecution’s case, and advocating for the best possible outcome.

When young individuals face criminal charges, it’s crucial to handle their cases with care and a focus on rehabilitation. We offer dedicated legal support, aiming to protect their future while navigating the complexities of the juvenile justice system.

Theft and burglary charges can have significant consequences. Our defense strategies are designed to rigorously challenge the evidence and seek resolutions that aim to reduce the impact on your life.

Ensuring Your Contracts Protect Your Interests

In the complex world of contract law, Ari Lehman, PLLC excels in crafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements that safeguard your interests with utmost precision. Our expertise lies in turning legal jargon into clear, enforceable terms, ensuring that every contract you sign serves your best interests, mitigates risks, and aligns with your business objectives.

At Ari Lehman, PLLC, we believe in proactive legal care. Our focus is not just on drafting contracts but on foreseeing potential issues and addressing them before they become problems. We are your partners in every step of the contractual process, from initial drafting to final execution, and even in the event of a dispute. Trust us to handle your contract-related needs with the diligence, expertise, and foresight you deserve.

We take the guesswork out of contract drafting and review. Whether it’s a straightforward agreement or a complex transaction, we meticulously craft and analyze each term, ensuring clarity, legality, and fairness. Our goal is to prevent future disputes by building a strong legal foundation right from the start.

Every business deal is unique, and so are the contracts that govern them. We specialize in creating and reviewing business agreements of all types, from partnerships and mergers to service contracts, ensuring they reflect the true intent of all parties involved while protecting your legal and financial interests.

Real estate transactions require a keen eye for detail. We handle lease agreements and real estate contracts with an emphasis on protecting your property rights and investment, ensuring every clause aligns with your goals and complies with applicable laws.

The stakes are high in employment agreements. From drafting non-compete clauses to outlining employee responsibilities, we ensure your contracts are fair, clear, and legally sound, safeguarding your company’s interests and maintaining a balanced employer-employee relationship.

In the intricate realm of intellectual property, licensing agreements demand specialized legal expertise. We ensure that your creative assets are protected, your rights are clearly defined, and your financial interests are secured.

Our approach to negotiation and dispute resolution is rooted in a deep understanding of contract law and a commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. Whether it’s navigating complex negotiations or resolving contractual disputes, we employ strategic tactics to advocate effectively for your position, aiming to resolve conflicts in a manner that upholds your rights and interests.