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Leveraging fluency in Japanese and extensive cultural understanding, Ari Lehman offers unparalleled legal services to a diverse client base.

Over 19 Years of Legal Excellence

Drawing on 19 years of extensive legal practice, Ari Lehman combines seasoned expertise with a commitment to deliver superior legal outcomes.

Innovative Legal Strategies

With a blend of traditional legal excellence and innovative problem-solving, Ari Lehman delivers effective solutions to complex legal challenges.

Professional And Experienced Family Law Attorney

Ari W. Lehman PLLC.

Ari W. Lehman is a distinguished attorney whose legal acumen is matched by his cultural proficiency and linguistic talents. A graduate of the University of Michigan, where he not only excelled in his studies but also developed a deep appreciation and fluency in Japanese, Ari brings a unique blend of legal expertise and cross-cultural understanding to his practice. His time at the University of Michigan was not just about academic achievements; it was also a period where he embraced a broader worldview, one that now benefits his diverse client base.

In his legal career, Ari has cultivated a reputation for being not just a formidable legal practitioner but also a culturally savvy advisor. His fluency in Japanese is more than a linguistic skill—it’s a bridge that connects different cultures within the legal sphere. Whether navigating complex legal scenarios for his local clients in Michigan or addressing the needs of international clients, Ari’s ability to communicate and understand diverse perspectives sets him apart. This unique aspect of his profile adds an invaluable dimension to his legal services, particularly in an increasingly globalized world.

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